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Our revolutionary Conflix™ helps make Honest Jobs THE BEST fair-chance hiring platform

Updated: Mar 27

Our revolutionary Conflix™ feature significantly differentiates the Honest Jobs platform for both justice-impacted job seekers and fair-chance employers. Here's why:

How Conflix™ Works

  • Every job on our platform is color coded with a score for its compatibility with the job seeker's individual criminal record

  • While we don't prevent anyone from applying to less-compatible roles, most job seekers apply to "green" roles

  • This reduces wasted effort on the part of job seekers and employers, by having more interviews that lead to hiring and successful starts

For Job Seekers

We know first-hand how painful it is to have rejections and rescinded offers based on your background check alone. That's why we created this innovative feature to guide you toward jobs that are compatible with your unique criminal history. Although all employers on our platform are fair-chance, that doesn't mean they hire every background for every role. By applying to "green" roles, you dramatically improve your odds of passing the employer's background check for that role. This is one of the reasons people with criminal records find jobs up to 8x faster by using Honest Jobs! Join today

Note: Conflix™ is for educational purposes only. You are still able to apply for any job.

For Employers

We also know how painful it is to find an amazing candidate, get all the way through the hiring process, and have to rescind the offer because their background check comes back with something you can't accept. When you post a job, Conflix™ automatically recommends scores to you. You can easily edit those scores to align with your organization's standards. Either way, you'll find that most applicants coming from Honest Jobs clear your background check, making your fair-chance hiring program far more efficient and effective. It's just one of the reasons employers love using Honest Jobs! Learn more



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