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We're Proud of Our Impact

In just a few short years, we've become the nation's leading job marketplace for people affected by the criminal justice system. We know first-hand the challenges our job seekers face, and our unique approach consistently helps them find better jobs faster. Meanwhile, employers love our expert, tech-enabled solutions that enable them to efficiently and effectively build fair-chance hiring programs. 

About Us

Our Founder & CEO

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Harley Blakeman
Founder & CEO of Honest Jobs | Justice Impacted | Fair-Chance Certified

Careers at Honest Jobs

We use our own fair-chance hiring platform for roles within Honest Jobs. To apply, create an account - or use your existing one. Bookmark the link, so you can check back for new roles. We're excited to keep growing our team and our impact!

We're a fair-chance (second-chance) employer and actively encourage people with personal lived experience with the criminal justice system to apply. For all full-time employees, we offer medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, 401(k), and paid time off (PTO). All of our open roles include the pay range, in accordance with Colorado law and our commitment to pay equity.


We currently have no open roles.

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Articles About Us

Articles About Us

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Job Seeker Success Stories

Honest jobs is fast. They're genuine with their help and any issues that you bring up with them, they are going to try and help you no matter what.

I was two months without a job. I applied on the Honest Jobs platform two days before receiving an offer from my current employer.

I’m just very appreciative of the opportunity that you guys gave me. I am going to make sure that this opportunity is not missed. In the job force, everybody needs to be able to provide for themselves. And everybody deserves a second chance, no matter what.

Christopher B.

Found Employment

Through Honest Jobs

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Erin D.

Found Employment

Through Honest Jobs

Deante L.

Found Employment

Through Honest Jobs

Honest Blog

Honest Blog

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