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The #1 Fair-Chance
Hiring Platform

Start sourcing eager-to-work candidates through our national network of over 20,000 community partners! 
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Why Hire People with
Criminal Records?

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Massive Talent Pool

Over 1 in 3 Americans having something on their criminal record and 20 million having a felony conviction. Unlock a large and readily available talent pool.

Retention and Productivity

Numerous studies have shown that fair-chance hires tend to stay longer at their jobs than employees with no criminal record, while being just as (if not more) productive. As an employer, this means better retention and higher productivity from your staff.

Diversity and Equity

Our criminal legal system disproportionately impacts marginalized individuals and communities. Fair-chance hiring is a tangible way to move the needle on DEI commitments, providing employment opportunities to people of color, women, veterans, and LGBTQ+ individuals who have been impacted by mass incarceration.
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