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Why Recruit Formerly-Incarcerated Individuals?

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Unlock a Massive Talent Pool

With over 1 in 3 Americans having something on their criminal record, and 20 million having a felony conviction, recruiting formerly-incarcerated individuals provides employers access to a massive pool of potential talent.

Improved Retention and Productivity

Numerous studies have shown that fair-chance hires tend to stay longer at their jobs than employees with no criminal record, while being just as (if not more) productive. As an employer, this means better retention and higher productivity from your staff.
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Promote Diversity and Equity

Our criminal legal system disproportionately impacts marginalized individuals and communities. Fair-chance hiring through Honest Jobs is a tangible way to move the needle on DEI commitments, providing employment opportunities to people of color, women, veterans, and LGBTQ+ individuals who have been impacted by mass incarceration.
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Discover, hire, and
retain great talent

Hiring justice-impacted candidates results in greater diversity, productivity, and retention.
Employer Testimonial

Employer Testimonial

Absolutely would recommend, and often do recommend Honest Jobs to other companies...your willingness to work with each company individually creates flexibility and agility in the program. I normally don’t add this final comment unless pressed, but I also highlight your fair prices. The reason I don’t is that companies need to “choose” Honest Jobs because of your performance and product delivered.

We started our Fair Chance (Creating Second Chances) program, and less than two months lat

John Buckley 

Outreach Specialist Manager

at Koch Industries

Wasserstrom has been using Honest Jobs for about 4 months. We have hired several candidates from this platform that are still with the company today! We are all about second chances and I personally have experienced that these candidates are working hard and showing up every day. Thank you Honest Jobs for all you do and for helping us staff Wasserstrom.

Cara Christensten

Human Resources Corporate

Recruiter at Wasserstrom

External Resources for Employers

We recommend employers take advantage of the SHRM certification “Getting Talent Back to Work”. It offers valuable information and advice about fair-chance hiring. It’s especially valuable for people in HR, Talent, and DEI roles within your organization - and it’s completely free.

External Resources

Speak with an Expert

We highly recommend meeting with one of our Fair-Chance Hiring experts. Learn how to boost application flow, improve retention rates, or even create a world-class fair-chance hiring program from scratch.

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