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Why's the cannabis industry so White?

Recreational cannabis was legalized in Colorado in 2012, and the state continues to be a model of how legalization can generate sizable tax revenue and tens of thousands of jobs.

The Color of Cannabis is a Denver-based organization dedicated to supporting minority representation and social equity opportunities in the Cannabis industry. It provides a pathway for restorative economic and criminal justice to communities most negatively impacted by the failed and destructive War on Drugs.

The organization is making history by acquiring a 9,000-square-foot manufacturing facility that will be occupied exclusively by social equity businesses. A 10-week bootcamp will prepare entrepreneurs impacted by the criminal justice system to start cannabis businesses.

“The organization is focused on three pillars: criminal justice reform, policy reform and education. The big reason why minorities weren’t prioritized in our state was because there was no one representing them at the decision-making tables and that’s how The Color of Cannabis was started." - Sarah Woodson, Executive Director of The Color of Cannabis

Learn more about the efforts of The Color of Cannabis in CannabisNow’s article:

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