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"Women in the justice system have different needs and challenges than men"

April Foster is the Executive Director of the Keyway Center for Diversion and Reentry and helps formerly incarcerated women with successful reentry after incarceration. As a social worker, she had experience with men who reentered society, but she learned that what works for men's successful reentry from prison does not necessarily work as well for women.

“Shifting my thinking and my approach to accommodate these differences was a game changer. Finally, I was getting through, and I saw the difference in the success my female clients began to experience.” - April Foster, Executive Director of the Keyway Center for Diversion and Reentry

The Keyway Center for Diversion and Reentry provides services for cisgender and transgender women coming home from jails and prisons in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. The nonprofit helps them with transitional housing, case management, vocational and behavioral health services, and life skill classes.

The program has proven to be very successful, with 9 out of 10 women in Keyway's program integrating back to their communities without recidivating.

Join Honest Jobs

Joblessness among women returning from incarceration are persistently high. If you know of women who need second chance employment, please send them to



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