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Welcome Home SIS - A nonprofit organization that helps system impacted women after their release

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Welcome home SIS

Welcome home SIS is a nonprofit organization in Cleveland, Ohio, that helps formerly incarcerated women with transitional housing and also serves as a reentry program. SIS itself stands for ‘system impacted survivors’. According to Angie Regan, the founder of Welcome Home SIS:

"Women are the fastest-growing prison population nationwide and in Ohio. They are being incarcerated at twice the rate of men.”

Aiming for the successful reentry to society

There are about 3,500 women leaving prisons in Ohio every year and women are more likely to face homelessness than men after release. That’s when they need help the most. The Welcome Home SIS organization takes women directly from prison and helps them instantly for successful reentry into society.

"The next day we get them set up with their Medicaid, their food benefits, and right off the bat, their health is a priority because a lot of them come to us in poor health. By week two, we take them to get their state ID.” - said Angie Regan.

The reentry program also aims to teach valuable life skills, like growing food which helps impacted women regain independence.

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