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The Body Shop's Success with Open Hiring

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Open Hiring, the progressive hiring practice initiated by Greyston founder Bernie Glassman in 1982, continues to be adopted by more employers. It is a powerful, systemic way to boost diversity and inclusion, and provide opportunities to candidates who are otherwise often overlooked.

Since adopting Open Hiring in 2019, The Body Shop North America has seen an improvement in retention and productivity. These are common benefits for Open Hiring (as well as Second-Chance Hiring) because workers hired through such programs have faced barriers to employment, so are more loyal and are very motivated to do well in their jobs.

“I would encourage other companies to adopt Open Hiring not only because of the way it can transform your organization for the better, but because of the opportunity it offers candidates to change their lives through employment. In choosing to focus on people’s potential rather than their history, we’ve developed a culture of openness and trust, and helped many people who have struggled with employment in the past to feel safer at work.” - Nicolas Debray, President of The Body Shop North America

Read the article and interview with Nicolas Debray here:

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