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"Thank you, Honest Jobs." - successful job seeker

Andrew discovered Honest Jobs while he was still incarcerated, using our app on a ViaPath tablet (press release about that partnership). That helped him get a jump start on his job search. Once he was released, he came to and found a company that saw and rewarded his potential.

Learn more about Andrew's experience in the video below:

What experience do you have with the criminal justice system?

Andrew: “ I was incarcerated for approximately 10 months. I do take it seriously to correct my situation. Knowledge is definitely key to help yourself through the legal system because with a lack of knowledge, they can definitely take advantage of you."

"I do feel though that the judicial system is slightly unfair, especially when it comes to trying to better yourself once released. It’s extremely hard for me as a father of six children. Now, what am I supposed to do for my kids? How am I supposed to provide? Even though I'm thankful that these jobs accept individuals that do have criminal records and felonies, it's still a little tough.”

What was your experience looking for a job after you found Honest Jobs?

Andrew: “I initially heard about Honest Jobs when I was incarcerated. We had tablets where we had access to certain outside resources. Not knowing when my release date was, I figured to be proactive. I saw a link that says “Honest Jobs” and planning for the future. And once I got released, I was like “Okay, let's use this source. Let's use this site to find a job once I get released.” It was very helpful.

As soon as I actually uploaded my resume and soon as I clicked quick apply, I got feedback instantly. Noticing the verified employment stars that say which company hires people with criminal backgrounds is also helpful.”

Tell us about your new job!

Andrew: “I’m working at Georgia Pacific, here in Melford. It's a wonderful company. I actually got hired as what they call a stacker position. And then through the course of my orientation, they changed my position to a higher paying position. Which is considered the Operators position. That was very exciting for me that they saw something in me that I know is there, but I didn’t think that I was projecting it, so that was very good for myself

My initial pay was $21 an hour with a shift differential, because I'm on second shift. So it goes up to $22 an hour because there is a $1 shift differential. When they switched my position, I got $23.25 an hour and I also get a shift differential so now it's $24.25 an hour. They do have the 401K plan, medical, dental, vision insurance. Not to mention there are a lot of opportunities of moving forward in the company, learning different positions. And to me that's great because you could become a wonderful asset to the company.”

Would you recommend Honest Jobs to other formerly incarcerated job seekers?

Andrew: “110%. And I already have. It’s a wonderful thing. I'm all about reach one, teach one. Especially for people who have been in my situation and are going through something. Yeah, I definitely will recommend Honest Jobs. Thank you, Honest Jobs.”

Do you have a message to job seekers?

Andrew: “Just don't feel discouraged. Be truthful with yourself and just keep your best foot forward. I attended school while I was looking for a job, so you gotta keep your mind going and active. Make sure you surround yourself with a good support system. That is definitely key. Definitely don't overthink it. Because your time will come. Just be patient, it will pass.”

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