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Partnering to Provide Modern Reentry Services

Government agencies and non-profit organizations across the country partner with Honest Jobs to provide exceptional reentry services that ensure their communities are more safe and equitable.

White Label Solutions

With a White Label solution from Honest Jobs, you can establish your own personalized fair-chance job board. Each White Label incorporates your logo, branding, and customized URL, providing your clients access to all of the job opportunities and resources available on the conventional Honest Jobs platform.
Colorado Fair Chance Hiring Initiative

“The partnership with Honest Jobs is an important step in building a fair-chance hiring ecosystem in Colorado,” Attorney General, Phil Weiser, said in a recent news release. “Helping employers connect to a talent pipeline of justice-involved individuals creates safer communities and a more vibrant economy that benefits us all.”

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Ashland University Correctional Education

“Ashland University is excited to be the first college or university to partner with Honest Jobs... their mission aligns well with AU’s mission of providing transformative higher education for justice-involved people,” - Todd Marshall, VP of Correctional Education and Innovation at Ashland University.

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Reentry Navigator

Reentry Navigator

Reentry Navigator is a web-based tool designed to help government and non-profit employees better serve their justice-impacted clients. Our comprehensive solution features a national, up-to-date, searchable database of 300k+ fair-chance jobs and 200k+ social services. When you create a Reentry Navigator account, you will be able to easily refer your clients to relevant fair-chance jobs and reentry resources, and track their platform activity. 
The Reentry Navigator easily allows you to invite clients to connect with you on Honest Jobs. Once your client accepts the connection request, you are able to review their resume and profile, see their last login, track how many jobs they have viewed/applied for, download their detailed application history, and much more.
Invite & Connect With Clients
Search Fair-Chance Jobs
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With Reentry Navigator, you can efficiently search for jobs that align with your clients' skills and see how compatible each job is with their criminal record. Every job listing shows how many individuals the employer has hired post-conviction, providing valuable transparency. You can also refer clients to specific jobs, enhancing the support and guidance you provide throughout the reentry process.
Access hyper-local resources for your clients and seamlessly refer them to specific programs addressing essential needs such as food, housing, transportation, health, and much more. Our integrated review functionality allows you to track all job and resource referrals made to each client and monitor whether your client has interacted with a particular referral.
Support Beyond Employment

Pre-Release Solutions

Pre-Release Tablet.png
Pre-Release Job Search
Available on tablets inside the majority of US jails and prisons (at no cost), our app allows incarcerated individuals to explore job opportunities specific to their release location. By providing a platform that is entirely cost-free, Honest Jobs facilitates a smoother transition for individuals exiting incarceration by offering the location-based tools needed to research employment prior to their release.
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