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RECTIFY Inc., a trauma-informed peer support reentry organization

Desmond Haneef was arrested when he was 19 and got out at the age of 39. Since being released in May 2022, he decided to help people like him reintegrate to society and became the Co-founder & Manager of Peer Programs at RECTIFY Inc., a trauma-informed peer support reentry organization.

The organization is Maryland-based and is led by people who have been in the system themselves, and have first-hand knowledge of the challenges returning citizens face. They offer support and resources, such as social service navigation, peer programs, and workforce training to people coming home from prison.

Along with fair-chance jobs, these are important elements of successful reentry. They give people not only hope, but also community, resources, and skills to rebuild their lives and reduce recidivism.

Listen to Desmond Haneef’s interview on Prison Riot Radio talking about his experience and his organization, RECTIFY Inc.:

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