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Purchase Beautiful Candles to Support Second Chance

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Benevolence Farm’s vision is to create a more equitable, nurturing world for women and the communities they transform.

Benevolence Farm is committed to helping women impacted by the criminal justice system in North Carolina. They believe in second chances and provide transitional employment with a living wage for women leaving North Carolina’s prisons.

“We recognize that change must come from within, but can be cultivated and inspired through a supportive, natural environment. Our goal is to give our participants the time and space — figuratively and literally — to make real, lasting changes.” - Benevolence Farm

The residents can develop skills in sustainable farming, food preparation, and presentation in an environment that fosters improved physical, spiritual, and financial health. Benevolence farm says that the residents contribute to the well-being of the farm, staking a claim in the program’s success.

Second Chance Pottery Candles

Benevolence Farm partnered with Haand Pottery who donated second quality pieces to the farm, from which they are making beautiful candles. In addition, every purchase contributes to the Second Chance Employment Readiness program. Each candle is unique. We love how three of them look nestled together on our reception desk at Honest Jobs HQ. And they smell amazing!

Check out the candles here, to support a great cause:

Join Honest Jobs

Honest Jobs is a nationwide job board for second chance employment. If you're wanting to get a job with a felony or to reach untapped talent, join here:



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