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Premium Feature: Hire faster by sponsoring your jobs

To make it easier for job seekers to find you and ensure your job posts get the most visibility, we recommend sponsoring your jobs on our platform.

Sponsoring a job ensures it appears above all basic (unsponsored) job postings. We also include your sponsored opening in our direct marketing campaigns to local job seekers and community organizations, such as probation officers, reentry case workers, and correctional facilities.

It's easy to sponsor jobs! Start by logging in. When you reach your employer dashboard, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Click the Sponsor Job toggle to sponsor your job for $10 per application.

STEP 2: Set the weekly budget for your sponsored job. Once your job receives applications up to that budget, the job will still be visible as a basic job post until the next week begins. We according to your urgency to fill the role - bigger budgets speed up time-to-hire.

(Optional) STEP 3: If you have multiple jobs and would like to sponsor them all, use the toggle at the top of your employer dashboard. The weekly budget you set is then the total across

all your open jobs.

Sign in (or sign up!) to start sponsoring jobs. To learn other ways to make the most of Honest Jobs for fair-chance hiring, Book a demo.



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