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In L.A., PVJobs prepares formerly incarcerated people for construction jobs through their program

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The Hatch Program, run by Playa Vista Jobs (PVJobs) in Los Angeles, provides construction training programs to formerly incarcerated individuals. Currently, there are nearly 1,000 people actively enrolled in their 10 federal, state, and local programs. The participants get the chance to learn in a stable, safe environment and receive basic needs like regular meals, as well.

The Hatch Program consists of three phases and prepares the participants for jobs, with a focus on the construction industry.

  1. The first phase of the program is vital, since it helps the participants to open their minds and learn new things, while healing traumas.

  2. After graduating from the first stage, participants move to 500-hour carpenter training that lasts 4 months, where they also have a chance to meet prospective employers.

  3. If participants have not yet secured a job during those 4 months, PVJobs places them on a project site with the help of Southwest Carpenters. There, participants are visited weekly by a mentor who helps set them up for success long-term.

If participants decide that a career in construction is not right for them, they have access to other career options.

“That’s one of the things PV jobs does exceptionally well. Engaging our participants and providing a safe space for them to take charge of their own transition back into the community.” - Mary Taylor, Executive Director of Playa Vista Jobs


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