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People can build job skills while incarcerated, yet still face barriers

For people who have done prison time, it can be quite challenging to find employment after being released. Many of them get turned down after running the background check, even though they have the necessary qualifications to do the job.

Both the social stigma of having a felony and the gap in employment during incarceration can make it difficult to gain professional experience. However, doing work while incarcerated can build transferrable skills and that are helpful when looking for a job once they're released.

Aron Knall went to prison at 15 years old and was paroled after 35 years. He says, “I cried on the car on the way home. I cried out of frustration. At what point would I be seen for who I am today opposed to the kid that committed my crime?”

Kim Uyeda went to prison for 6 years, convicted of filing a false police report. She says, "We're becoming a society that has exiled people because of mistakes. Every one of us has made a mistake that could've landed us in prison."

Watch the full story on PBS about people who've served time in prison and how they're rebuilding their lives and incomes, despite all the barriers to reentry:

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