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Newly created Maryland re-entry program changes lives for five graduates

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The Anne Arundel County Police Department (MD) established the Re-Entry and Community Collaboration Program to help their formerly incarcerated residents, veterans, and those at risk of being involved with the justice system to get back on their feet and reenter society successfully. The program started in December 2021, has already supported its first five graduates, who believe that the opportunity was life-changing. Ronnie Johnson, one of the program graduates, spent eight years in federal prison, suffered from addiction, and sees the re-entry program as the only way to get his life back on track.

"I come from a struggle, so much negative, so much pain, and everything. I have an opportunity to do something positive for once in my life, and I'm going to run with it," said Johnson

The Anne Arundel County Police Office of Re-Entry & Community Collaboration is host to an inter-agency collaboration between the Health Department, Department of Corrections, Department of Social Services, Department of Family Services, and other community-based organizations. The partnership provides holistic assistance to any Anne Arundel County resident reentering the community, especially those that are formerly incarcerated, veterans, or youth trying to attain stability in the community. Participants are provided with courses that help them gain valuable and marketable skills to start their careers and be competitive candidates among their peers.

The program has shown success so far, with more people graduating in January in the hopes of starting a better life.

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