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Introducing the New Candidate Search for Employers

Honest Jobs continues to pioneer innovative solutions for fair-chance employers, and we are thrilled to introduce our latest game-changer – the Candidate Search feature, designed exclusively for our Pro and Premium paid plans. This feature empowers employers to actively seek out justice-involved talent anywhere in the United States.

Unleashing the Power of Proactive Hiring:

Traditionally, employers have relied on applicants to come to them. With Honest Jobs' Candidate Search, employers now have the ability to take the lead in their hiring process, actively searching for candidates with specific skills and qualifications.

Key Features:

  • Geographical Flexibility: Our Candidate Search feature allows fair-chance employers to search for talent anywhere in the United States. Whether you're based in urban centers or remote areas, access to a diverse pool of candidates is at your fingertips.

  • Skill-Specific Searches: Tailor your candidate search based on specific skills crucial for your organization. This ensures that you find candidates who not only align with your company's values but also possess the skill set needed to drive success in their roles.

  • Seamless Invitation Process: Once you've identified potential candidates, the process of reaching out has never been easier. Honest Jobs' Candidate Search allows you to extend invitations directly to candidates, inviting them to apply for your open positions. This streamlined approach fosters a direct connection between employers and potential hires.

Exclusively for Pro and Premium Plans:

The Candidate Search feature is a premium offering, available exclusively with our Pro and Premium Employer plans. We believe that fair-chance employers committed to creating equal opportunities for all deserve the tools that empower them to actively shape their workforce.

How to Get Started:

  • Upgrade to Pro or Premium: To unlock the full potential of Candidate Search, explore our Pro and Premium plans. These plans not only grant you access to this powerful feature but also provide additional tools to streamline your hiring process. Sign up or log in to your Honest Jobs Employer account and click "Manage Plan" to upgrade.

  • Open Candidate Search: Once you have upgraded, click on "Candidate Search" in the left menu.

  • Define Your Criteria: Tailor your candidate search by specifying the location, skills, and qualifications crucial for your open positions.

  • Review Potential Applicants: Browse through the search results to find the ideal candidates.

  • Connect with Talent: Once you've identified potential candidates, extend invitations directly through the platform, fostering a more direct and personalized recruitment process.

At Honest Jobs, we are committed to providing fair-chance employers with the tools they need to create a more inclusive job market. The Candidate Search feature is a testament to this commitment, empowering employers to actively contribute to the fair-chance hiring movement.



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