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Inmate Turned College Graduate Interviews 10 Others Who Followed Similar Path

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Omari Amili spent time in prison for bank fraud before earning three degrees, including a Master's Degree, from the University of Washington. Since turning his life around through further educations, Omari has become an educator, a public speaker and an author, focusing on youth affected by the criminal justice system.

"Despite the barriers that society has in place, and continues to reinforce, many of my friends and I are proof that there can be a positive life after prison. My graduate research and life experiences have led me to believe that education can be a powerful path to it. I’ve shared my personal story at prisons, colleges, elementary schools, high schools, middle schools and other outlets. In this series of intimate interviews, I am sharing the stories of others like me who have survived the legal system in Washington state, and became Huskies on the other side."

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