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"I got an immediate verbal offer right after the interview." - DeVito, found job through Honest Jobs

DeVito believes that some of the most hard working people come out from prison, since they appreciate the opportunity to work and contribute to society even more. DeVito found a fulfilling job that doesn't just help him get back on his feet, but also helps him with his education. Hear him tell his story in the video below:

Interview Transcript:

What was your experience looking for a job before you found Honest Jobs?

DeVito: “Obviously, I made my mistakes, I fully own up to them. So I really knew going forward that it was going to be difficult. I have a year's worth of sobriety and I'm very definitive about my life going forward professionally and personally, how important it is to stay sober. I was looking for work for a good four months. I was repeatedly admitted or conditionally offered several positions. But obviously not all companies are second-chance hiring type of companies. At first, I was a little agitated about all the jobs that I was rejected from. I have enough life experience knowing that sometimes what you want, what you need, perhaps there's another greater opportunity or a better opportunity waiting if one is just patient enough. I knew if I kept on doing good things going forward in my life and staying committed to things and being the best version of myself, opportunities will open up for me. And it coincided with Honest Jobs.”

What was your experience looking for a job after you found Honest Jobs?

DeVito: “I checked out the website and it was an inspiring story, especially about your CEO. And I was really overjoyed finding such a quality organization. I really appreciate it. And I feel really grateful about Honest Jobs. Not only did Honest Jobs connect me with an opportunity to be employed again and to be confident, productive, and creative. I got an immediate verbal offer right after the interview.”

Tell us about your new job!

DeVito: “Yeah. My job is great. I've always liked working on machines. I've always had service jobs before this, and this is my first manufacturing job where I'm making something. I work for Phillips-Medisize, which is a subsidiary of Molex, which is a subsidiary of Koch Industries. It's a very fulfilling job and I get paid $17.25/hr, which is great considering the fact that they have great benefits. Such as educational benefits, where I'm eligible to receive reimbursement for every semester of college.”

Would you recommend Honest Jobs to other formerly incarcerated job seekers?

DeVito: ”Oh yeah, I definitely would recommend it. Not only recommend, but endorse Honest Jobs. They are a job service that actually follows up, I don't feel like it is a business transaction interacting with you guys.”

Do you have a message to employers?

DeVito: “Certain people are serious about their recovery and their rehabilitation. Like I said, when they do find a job, when they do find a place where they can be employed and be a productive member of society again, they are some of the hardest workers. It's one thing to not have a job because you're lazy or you're irresponsible, stuff like that. But it's also another thing, not be able to have a job, because you’re behind bars. There are certain amount of people I think that are quite worthy of their positions, you know? So I don't feel like it's like a handout or charity or pity. Some of these people are very skilled. So they have a lot of positive qualities that if they just apply it in a positive direction, they could be a productive and valuable member of their organization.”



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