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How This Nonprofit Helps Formerly Incarcerated People Start Over

Nkosi Cain, the CEO & Co-Founder of Touchdown NYC is formerly incarcerated himself. Cain got out of prison in 2004 and he found himself confronted by many barriers that can prevent returning citizens from building their new lives.

“I had no one to sustain me. I couldn’t find a job. I started to feel like all of the work that I had done on myself, all the education that I had acquired, that I got out and ran into a roadblock. I just couldn’t get by and it significantly impacted the quality of my life.” - Cain

Cain wanted to make sure no other citizens face the same re-entry barriers he did, so he founded Touchdown NYC, which is a digitally based nonprofit which matches returning citizens with mentors and resources to help them rebuild their lives. The main goal is to remove as many obstacles as possible that block returning citizens from the services they need.

Learn more about Touchdown NYC in the video below:



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