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HOME/FREE narrated by John Legend shines a light on reentry challenges

John Legend has seen the challenges of reentering society after incarceration. He's not alone. 113 million American adults have a family member who's been incarcerated. John shares his family’s story in a 30-minute documentary called HOME/FREE, which shows how difficult it is to build a life after incarceration.

The documentary tells the story of three individuals who were able to find felony friendly job opportunities after prison, due to programs like Rework Reentry. Not everyone gets the level of support they need to rebuild their lives.

John says: "What I always try to convince people of is that it's good for all of us if these folks have something to do, something to motivate them, something to make them want to wake up every morning and be excited to face the day."

We agree. Honest Jobs was created to help people with criminal records find better jobs faster. Google search volume for phrases like help for felons, who hires felons, and second chance employers list show how prevalent the need is among people facing barriers to employment.

John says: “Storytelling is very important when you're trying to make change in the world. Part of the change has to be legislative, but at the bottom line, all these folks are human beings with individual stories, with emotional arcs and family members. So, it's important for people to really connect with human beings who are affected by this system and learn more about them.”

We agree. The job seekers we help find employment are human beings with individual stories. We hear every day from people who've found fair-chance employers using Honest Jobs. Check out Honest Jobs testimonial videos.

Listen to the full interview with John Legend talking about the documentary here:

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