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Greyston Bakery is a role model for bold, progressive hiring practices

Greyston Bakery started in 1982 with the goal to employ individuals who faced significant barriers to employment. They call their hiring process “Open Hiring”, which means no interviews, background checks, or resumes are required to get the job. They truly believe that everyone deserves a chance to work towards a stronger future and support themselves, their families, and their communities.


Greyston offers transitional employment, providing re-entry services for justice-involved individuals. The program entails pre-release workforce training in correctional facilities and an eight-week post-release training program which is a paid apprenticeship, helping individuals develop their skills and transition to a full-time job.

In addition, Greyston’s workforce development program offers job training and certifications in areas such as business, construction, security, hospitality, and IT. They also provide social service support that helps their employees deal with outside challenges that could detract from their success at work.


Greyston is a true advocate when it comes to giving chances to people who are working for a better future. Besides their efforts to help their employees thrive in their roles, Greyston has an Inclusive Hiring program that draws attention to the benefits of hiring people with barriers to employment. They provide support to businesses in adopting inclusive hiring practices, including mentoring, an e-learning portal, data collection, and recruitment services.

“All I needed was a chance. Greyston told me yes when everyone else said no. It gave me new life. I was able to provide for my family. It meant everything.” - Shawna working at Greyston Bakery

You can support the Greyston Foundation by donating here. You can also support Greyston by checking out their delicious brownies, made with the finest ingredients in a variety of flavors. Shop here.




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