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Eddie got hired at the first company he applied to through Honest Jobs

Eddie could not find a job for months because of his criminal convictions. With the help of Honest Jobs, he applied to one company which welcomed him with open arms regardless of his past. Learn more about his experience in the video below:

Read the whole interview with Eddie here:

What experience do you have with the criminal justice system?

Eddie: “My first experience was when I was just young and dumb, it was in 2004. I took advantage of an education place I was going to, and I ended up robbing them. My second conviction was because I was carrying a concealed weapon. For both of those I did two years. My third conviction was because I was hanging with the wrong group of people. I was on the streets doing drugs. I had no money, no self-esteem, just looking for a quick buck. We were breaking into houses, which led me to doing two years and I got out in 2009.”

What experience did you have before and after you found Honest Jobs?

Eddie: “I was out of work for two months and I was getting kind of down and out about it. I went to three different companies and they said “You're the perfect candidate, but because of your background we cannot hire you.” I talked to my pastor and he connected me with Honest Jobs. I filled out the paperwork online applied to Wasserstrom. The next day they contacted me and said: “You’re the perfect person for the job”. I was shocked, that's exactly what I needed.

Wasserstrom was the only company I applied to. If it wasn't for my pastor and Honest Jobs, I would have never found my job. I'm five minutes away from the company, it’s wonderful. If it wasn't for Honest Jobs having a platform, I wouldn't be in the position where I'm at right now. I am really thankful for your company.”

Tell us about your new job!

Eddie: “I make $15 an hour as a Fabrication Associate and it's a great atmosphere. I have a 401k, which I've never had before. There is a great opportunity of growth in this company. I thought being black with a felony conviction, at 39 years old, I'm going to be stuck in one spot. But, it's been the total opposite. When I got to Wasserstrom, I was welcomed from the Vice President and everyone else with open arms.”

Would you recommend Honest Jobs to other formerly incarcerated job seekers?

Eddie: “I would recommend Honest Jobs because you guys keep your word.”



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