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Dad’s Back! Academy helps formerly incarcerated reacclimatize into family life

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The recidivism rate depends on how we welcome people who are reentering society

The recidivism rate in California is estimated to be 38%. According to Derrick Hill, the outreach specialist/peer navigator of Dad’s Back Academy, 85% of people go back to prison because of domestic violence. In many cases, people returning to their homes have a hard time reacclimatizing to society, which makes it difficult to manage their relationships.

The Dad’s Back Academy helps people be the person that they once were

The Dad’s Back Academy in California tackles this issue by providing a month-long course to formerly incarcerated individuals offering classes in parenting, job training and placement, character building, and building healthy relationships. The combination of courses allows these individuals to let go of the bad habits that they have built while incarcerated, and instead focus on positive interactions with others.

"We learn a lot growing up, and when you go to prison, you kind of throw most of those things out of the window, and you become a chameleon to wherever you’re at. So we retrain you into being the person that you once were.” - said Hill

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