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Considering people with backgrounds, the risk of negligent hiring is a lot lower than many believe

The “Second Chance Employment: Addressing Concerns About Negligent Hiring Liability” report found that the risk of negligent hiring is far less than many employers believe. It also covers employers’ responsibility to look beyond criminal history and to have an individualized assessment to determine whether the job seeker meets the criteria for talents, experiences, and skills despite their criminal background.

“Conviction records alone do not provide employers with the complete picture of what someone can offer a company. And as our findings show, when these records are relevant, employers can take simple measures to minimize their exposure to risk. The urgency of altering hiring practices and eliminating the stigma associated with a conviction record in the process grows every day as mass incarceration persists and the national labor shortage continues to strain our economy.” - says Lewis Maltby, president and CEO of National Workrights Institute and principal author of the report.

Read more about the findings here:

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