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Building Freedom Ohio gives voice to formerly incarcerated people

Building Freedom Ohio is an organization run by individuals who were affected by the criminal justice system - either they themselves or their family members. They are passionately pushing for changes in Ohio’s criminal justice system as they know the difficulties people face once they have been convicted of a crime.

Building Freedom Ohio participants are empowered to make a change.


Their goal is to eliminate barriers for justice-involved people by changing laws.

“If you create all these barriers that say you can't participate in our society fully, no more, how can you expect me to be a full citizen and do what it is that all full citizens do, if you don't give me the opportunity?” - William Miller, one of the advocates of Building Freedom Ohio

There is still a long way to go. However, there are positive changes, especially around employment opportunities. As companies struggle to find talent, more of them are becoming open to second-chance hiring.

Learn more about Building Freedom Ohio here:


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