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Battle Tested provides immediate and sustainable support for people being released from prison

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Battle Tested is based in Ohio and reimagines reentry by providing sustainable support to restore the lives of returning citizens. They understand that the people who transition from incarceration back to their communities face many challenges, including lack of clothing or hygiene items, difficulty finding affordable housing, challenges securing employment, and lack of peer support and compassion. Meeting these basic needs can be overwhelming and costly.

Battle Tested was founded by James Clay, who had been incarcerated himself and knows first-hand the difficulties of people who are reentering their communities. The organization provides both immediate and sustainable support, both of which have a huge impact on people's lives as they are leaving prison and rebuilding their lives.

Immediate support starts with giving individuals a Battle Tested Bag, filled with items that are necessary to survive in the early days of reentry. Sustainable support comes in the form of community partners and volunteers committed to walking alongside participants as they restore and rebuild their lives.

Read more about Battle Tested here:

Help returning citizens rebuild their lives by contributing to Battle Tested. If you or a loved one needs help reentering post-incarceration, you can fill out Battle Tested's contact form for support.

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