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Ashland's Correctional Education program partners with Honest Jobs!

We are happy to announce that Honest Jobs has partnered with Ashland University, providing employment opportunities to their Correctional Education program graduates.

Recidivism is closely related to unemployment

Reentering the workforce after incarceration is one of the biggest challenges for people coming out of prison. Recent statistics reveal that about 700,000 working-age adults are released from prison annually, yet 75% are still unemployed a year after release, driving higher recidivism rates.

Honest Jobs and Ashland University's Correctional Education program are working together to break the cycle by finding stable employment opportunities for skilled people with criminal backgrounds.

Ashland University's Correctional Education program provides top-tier education for students in correctional education settings, serving more than 4,000 students across 13 states, plus Washington, DC. Partnering with Honest Jobs expands their program beyond education and provides opportunities for their graduates to find meaningful employment post-incarceration.

"Ashland University is excited to be the first college or university to partner with Honest Jobs. Their mission is to help employers hire individuals impacted by their criminal justice experience. Honest Jobs and their mission align well with AU's mission of providing transformative higher education tor justice-involved people," - stated Todd Marshall, vice president of correctional education and innovation at Ashland.

Read Ashland University's article to learn more about the partnership:



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