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Alejandro found an employer that welcomed him and a job that allows him to spend time with his kids

Alejandro has an assault charge, which made it very difficult for him to find stable employment. With Honest Jobs, he found an employer that welcomed him and a job that allows him plenty of time with his kids. Learn more about his experience in the video below:

Read the full interview with Alejandro here:

What was your job searching experience like before and after you found Honest Jobs?

Alejandro: “Everything was good until I hit the background checks on the jobs. I followed through with all the procedures and then once they saw that it was an assault charge, they kind of got scared, stepped away, and then they didn't continue with the process. So it was definitely hard. Luckily, my probation officer recommended me to Honest Jobs and I got a job quick. So I was really excited. The company that I work for is pretty awesome. They're really nice. I'm actually glad that I found this job.”

Tell us about your new job!

Alejandro: “I work for L&R Palette and it's in Aurora, Colorado. I'm a forklift driver there. I make $21.50. I'm pretty happy. The hours are awesome, Monday to Friday. I’m off with the kids on Saturday, Sunday. So I mean, it's perfect. I was just so surprised on how in the company people actually respect each other and how they follow that throughout the whole entire time that you're working there. It makes me feel happy to be working for them.”

Would you recommend Honest Jobs to other formerly incarcerated job seekers?

Alejandro: “Of course, with any type of criminal history. Just apply, you never know who might see through that and realize that you're not - we're not - bad people. We do make mistakes, as all humans do, but it's all important that we learn from them and we just move on. I appreciate you guys actually helping me out. I'm really happy right now with my job. Honestly, I can't be happier - and I’m more happy to even go to work. Thank you so much for giving me a chance and allowing for me to reach my goals in life. So thank you so much.”



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