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3 Things to Do after an Interview

On Honest Jobs’ blog, we have discussed topics like how to start your job search with a conviction, how to write a resume, and how to prepare for your job interview. We have discussed how and when to talk about your criminal background and what questions to prepare for. At Honest Jobs, we are trying to make the job searching process for justice impacted individuals as easy and fast as possible, but it is important to spend time thinking about these topics for you to have the best outcome. If you already had an interview with a second-chance employer, congratulations! It is a big step in the right direction. Now, let’s talk about post-interview communication that sets you apart from the competition.

1. Show appreciation

During the time between your first interview and the employer's decision, you will want to remain in contact without seeming pushy. Sending a handwritten thank-you note is a great way to do that. It makes a big impact on the interviewer and it is another opportunity for you to seem professional. You can also mention what are you the most excited about after you got to know the company more throughout the interview.

2. Send a follow-up email

If you don’t receive a call or email from the company with which you interviewed within three days, send a follow-up email. Of course, if they gave you a longer time frame, there is no need to bother them. However, you want to make sure that your name comes up, especially if a considerable time passed after the interview. Below is an example of a good post-interview email.

Hi Steven,

I just wanted to follow up with you and express my gratitude to you and Sara for your time. It was a pleasure meeting you both. I look forward hearing back from you in regards to the Data Entry position.

Warm Regards,

{Your Name Here}

3. In case of rejection

In the event that you receive an email or call explaining that you were not offered the position, you should still respond respectfully. Whether it’s an email or phone call, you should always thank them for their time and consideration. It is also wise to express your genuine interest in the company. Ask to be considered for other positions that may open in the future. It is important not to seem too desperate, but leaving the conversation on a positive note can benefit you in the future.

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