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Unique holiday gifts: Original artwork by incarcerated individuals

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Art for Redemption showcases original artwork created by incarcerated artists across the United States, offering the opportunity for them to sell their work while still incarcerated.

On average, individuals incarcerated in federal or state prisons and jails only make $0.63 per hour.

“When you get out of prison, you have no money to get established. Plus, the obstacles faced to finding housing and employment due to the discrimination against felons, it is no wonder that the recidivism rate reaches 78%,” says Adam Buck, Founder of Art for Redemption.

How it works: Art for Redemption uses artists’ ID numbers to deposit royalties and checks directly into artists’ “books,” or bank account, once their artwork is sold.

Fifty percent of an original art sale goes to Art for Redemption and the artist gets the other fifty percent. The money they earn contributes to their societal debts such as victim restitution and child support, as well as to savings to prepare for their successful release into communities across the U.S.

“Art for Redemption is designed for people who’ve ended up in dark places to find pathways to redemption - to find hope, happiness and success post-release, rather than simply being treated as 'an animal in a cage', says Buck.

Not only is the artist able to provide original canvas or print art, customers can also order print-on-demand t-shirts, hoodies, etc., featuring their artwork.

Visit to buy unique gifts this holiday season.



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