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The Colorado Sun: Honest Jobs unlocks opportunities for justice-involved job seekers in Colorado

The article by Tamara Chuang in the Colorado Sun highlights how Honest Jobs provides better employment opportunities for people impacted by the criminal justice system, while helping employers address the labor shortage and boost retention.

Honest Jobs helps justice-involved job seekers find employers who are willing to give them a fair chance, including Checkr, Gap, FedEx, Amazon, Goodwill, and PepsiCo. The uniqueness of the job board is that it helps applicants see what particular backgrounds the employer accepts, to reduce rejections and rescinded offers.

“We are the largest job board specifically focused on felony-friendly employment opportunities. All of the employers come to us and sign up and post their jobs directly on our site with the express understanding that every candidate they get from our site is going to have some kind of justice involvement.” - Melissa Dickerson, Chief of Staff at Honest Jobs

The majority of the jobs on the site tend to be manufacturing and warehouse positions because these are the industries that are typically felony-friendly. However, there are also VP-level positions as well as positions in tech, hospitality, skilled trades, and more.

Read more about Honest Jobs work in the Colorado Sun’s article:

Learn more about Honest Jobs and how the platform helps people involved in the criminal justice system find employment faster, while helping employers across the state and country find great talent. Visit:

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