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Second Chance Month Recap

Honest Jobs is working hard every day to provide chances to people who face barriers to employment due to their criminal records. April is Second Chance Month and just wrapped up for 2022. We wanted to give you three tips on how you can be part of the great cause of providing second chances to justice-involved people.

1. Get informed

Watch the TED Talks from TEDxSan Quentin, a recent event with the theme: Challenging Fears After Prison. The speakers will expand and challenge your thinking with their knowledge, passion, and insight.

Take advantage of the SHRM certification called Getting Talent Back to Work, a robust training focused on fair-chance hiring. It’s especially valuable for people in HR, Talent, and DEI roles within your organization - and it’s completely free.

2. Get started

Advocate for posting your organization's roles on Honest Jobs, the nation's largest fair-chance employment marketplace. Our mission is to the hub where people with criminal records come to find employment and employers come to find great talent. It's easy and free to register and post your jobs.

3. Keep it up

Fair-chance hiring initiatives are most successful when there are thoughtful, deliberate efforts to update hiring processes, policies, and practices. Between now and next April, challenge yourself and your organization to make the needed updates to become a highly effective fair-chance employer.



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