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Second Chance Hiring Highlight: Formr...Good design, doing good.

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

San Francisco-based home goods and furniture designer, Formr, has two goals: reducing construction waste and recidivism.

The US generates over 500 million tons of construction debris each year, much of which is sent to landfills. Formr partners with contractors to source materials from job site construction debris. These reclaimed items make up the raw material used in their unique and functional designs.

To transform the construction waste into final products, Formr hires formerly incarcerated individuals as their craftsman, giving them hope for a successful fresh start and a second chance.

Their website offers products like Re-entry, a shelf that hangs by your front door to store keys, mail, and other entryway items, and unpredicTABLE, a lighted bedside table.

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