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Honest Jobs featured by Stand Together!

The story features quotes from job seekers who had success on Honest Jobs, and from our Founder & CEO, who experienced homelessness, drug addiction, and incarceration as a teenager.

Stand Together Ventures Lab invested in Honest Jobs to challenge the status quo that prevents successful reentry by formerly incarcerated people.

Harley Blakeman, formerly incarcerated himself, founded Honest Jobs to help people with criminal records get back on their feet. Honest Jobs helps candidates with past convictions find jobs with second-chance employers. Employers are encouraged to evaluate candidates' skills and qualifications, and not reject them solely based on their background checks.

Using Honest Jobs, people who have a felony or misdemeanor feel more hopeful, confident, and empowered, trusting that their talents will be recognized, valued, and utilized.

Harley Blakeman, Founder & CEO of Honest Jobs. Proudly featured in a recent post by Stand Together

Employers across the country have an excess of open positions, and Honest Jobs provides a pipeline of talented, eager candidates. Over 1,300 second chance companies have signed up, with more joining every day. Second chance employment not only benefits job seekers with criminal records, but also employers and society at large.

“There are good people coming home from jail and prison every day that want to work. They want to provide for their families. They want to contribute to their community.” - Harley Blakeman, Founder & CEO of Honest Jobs

The Stand Together coverage of Honest Jobs is worth a read:

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Are you an employer in need of capable, talented, loyal employees? Are you a job seeker with a record, who's eager to provide for yourself and your family? Join Honest Jobs today:



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