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Fair-Chance Verified badges help set Honest Jobs apart

There are a lot of job boards out there, including one with fair-chance filters. Honest Jobs is exclusively for fair-chance employers and justice-impacted job seekers. What also sets us apart is that we display the number of verified fair-chance hires in our search results, as Fair-Chance Verified badges.

For Job Seekers

When you're searching for jobs on the Honest Jobs website, you'll notice a badge that shows the number of candidates with records that Honest Jobs has verified were hired by each employer. These let you see how serious employers are about hiring individuals with a criminal history. (We know all too well that some employers say they do, but actually don't.)

For Employers

Let us know when you hire people through Honest Jobs (email, and we'll increase your number of verified hires in our system. Our job seekers are looking for demonstrated commitment to fair-chance hiring, so you'll get more applicants by showing you walk the talk!

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