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Empowering Formerly Incarcerated Women Through Pottery

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The People's Pottery Project's mission is to empower and give an opportunity to formerly incarcerated women, trans and non-binary individuals. The non-profit ceramic business makes it possible for participants to get paid training and make a living wage while being part of this healing community.

"Through our collective work, members gain a platform to connect to others, share their stories, and ultimately transform dominant narratives about those who have experienced incarceration." - The People's Pottery Project.

In the video below, Ilka Perkins, one of the founders of the People's Pottery Project, shares the importance and the healing power of community after incarceration.

Donate to People's Pottery Project here:

Join Honest Jobs

Honest Jobs is a nationwide job board for second chance employment. If you're wanting to get a job with a felony or to reach untapped talent, join here:



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