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The Goshen News highlighted Honest Jobs' efforts to reach people in correctional facilities

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Honest Jobs is the nation leading fair-chance employment network, and it's free for job seekers to sign up. Reaching people who are incarcerated enables them to have a head start on their job search, and to feel more hopeful for their future post-release.

“We match people with opportunities,” said Harley Blakeman, Founder & CEO of Honest Jobs, adding that both an applicant’s job skills and their criminal records are taken into consideration. “When they come home, they have a plan.”

One of the ways Honest Jobs reaches people who are still incarcerated is via Securus tablets in facilities. The Honest Jobs pre-release app is currently on Securus tablets in 8 correctional facilities, with an expected expansion to 600,000 Securus tablets nationwide this spring.

“When we engaged with Honest Jobs it was a natural fit. We partnered together to add the free job search tool on our tablets to give incarcerated individuals visibility to second-chance employers so they can prepare for applying and interviewing once released.” - Alisha James, senior Vice President and general manager of the Post-Incarceration Business Unit at Aventiv (Securus)

Learn more about how Honest Jobs helps people prepare for reentry in Indiana and beyond:



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