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"My faith in Honest Jobs is unreal. This job came at the time when I was about to give up." - Zane

It can be really hard to find felony friendly jobs, even when your conviction was a long time ago and you've changed a lot as a person. Zane still struggled to find employment, even 14 years after he got a felony. He said that the great experience he had with Honest Jobs changed his outlook on life, and he's excited about his future again. Learn more about his experience in the video below:

What experience do you have with the criminal justice system?

Zane: “I have a background, a felony from like 14 years ago. I had one from when I was 21 years old and I'm 35 now. It was for a fraud. I wrote a couple bad checks. The company I worked for that I got the checks from didn't want to press charges because they knew I was a decent guy and a good worker, and I just was having some problems. But the state picked it up. I ended up going to prison for it about five years later. And just ever since then, it's been a pretty nasty web to try to get myself out of.”

What was your experience looking for a job before you found Honest Jobs?

Zane: “It's definitely caused it to be really hard to find work. I've used ZipRecruiter, Indeed, I've used a lot of apps. Well, I mean, [my criminal record] came up after I applied, as they're looking into stuff. But then I've also started like two different jobs in the last couple months. I went to my first day and then they called me in the office and they said: “Hey, your background check didn’t go through.” But other than that, a lot of places just don't even respond to me after I submit [a job application].”

What was your experience looking for a job after you found Honest Jobs?

Zane: “It was probably a little bit over a month that I got hired after using Honest Jobs. It was crazy though, because I went and did the interview and they liked me. So they gave me an offer letter. Last Wednesday, I got a text message from the company saying, “We want you to work for us starting Monday.” So it was great. I mean, I literally yelled with excitement when I saw it. It's been awesome.”

Tell us about your new job!

Zane: “[The company is] called Molex, I’m in their labs, assembling medical equipment. They are training me very well. They're really cool, too. Everybody that works here is really nice and it’s just a good place. I also like these kind of jobs because you gain experience and it’s a good place to network. The pay is starting out at $16 an hour, but they said after your first 30 days, they're really good about bumping you up and making sure that you are comfortable and getting what you need. My benefits start the 1st. I got full benefits, 401k, everything. So it's an amazing company. I'm shocked. Every day so far there is something new that I learn about the company.”

Would you recommend Honest Jobs to other formerly incarcerated job seekers?

Zane: "100%. My faith in Honest Jobs is unreal because of this, you know? I mean, this job came at a time where I was about to just give up. If anybody is having or has a similar situation like me or a background, they need to get on Honest Jobs! That's what I've told people. I'm very grateful for Honest Jobs and what you guys do. Just wanted to say thank you to you guys. You guys have been amazing.”

Do you have a message to job seekers?

Zane: “Yeah, I mean, don't stop, don't give up and like keep doing the right thing and stay motivated because something will happen if you are trying to find a job. Like you might not get the dream job, but you get a job. That's what matters. Get your foot in the door somewhere and get yourself moving forward, and then you can do what you want to do, once you get into a comfortable place. But my biggest thing was not giving up and knowing that I'm gonna get a job. I know I'm gonna get a job, so I just keep going.”

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