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HOPE for Prisoners helps formerly incarcerated people reenter society

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Hope for Prisoners is a re-entry organization in Las Vegas, NV, which helps people successfully reenter their communities after being incarcerated. They offer a variety of training programs that help formerly incarcerated people strengthen skills important for employment readiness, and overall success for reintegration, to help them support themselves and their families going forward.

“Prior to prison I was making choices because of other people, not for myself. One day I woke up and I am here and I am changing my life. It’s giving me hope, a different perspective on life, a positive outlook.” – Hope for Prisoners Graduate

Jon Ponder, the founder of Hope for Prisoners, is formerly incarcerated himself, having faced many obstacles after getting released. He realized that there is a lack of long-term support, yet many people who come out of prison have a genuine desire to change their lives for the better. That is why Hope for Prisoners's vision is “to empower the formerly incarcerated and their families to create a successful future built on strategic leadership and character development. By assisting those fighting for second chances, we strive to serve, build and strengthen our community.”

Learn more about Hope for Prisoners here:

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