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“Give the gift of a second chance. Your purchase rebuilds life” - beelove® Buzz

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Chicago-based Sweet Beginnings, LLC, hires talented justice-involved individuals to help them rebuild their lives by providing a pathway to success. They make an all-natural line of raw honey and honey-infused skincare products.

“Not only do we respect the earth in the production of our products, but we also provide important transitional job opportunities for area residents who struggle with barriers to employment.” - beelove® Buzz.

Their beelove® honey has a complex flavor with exceptional quality. If you are a honey lover, their collections are perfect natural gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Besides purchasing their luxury products, you also have the opportunity to donate a minimum of $5 to support their apiaries, employee training, and other essential activities for the whole team to succeed.

Donate to Sweet Beginnings here:

Join Honest Jobs

Honest Jobs is a nationwide job board for second chance employment. If you're wanting to get a job with a felony or to reach untapped talent, join here:



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