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Supporting People in Reentry is Challenging

Supercharge your ability to help clients with criminal records. Use our Support Tool to connect your clients with fair-chance job opportunities and wrap-around services nationwide.
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Reentry Orgs Non-Profits | Workforce Agencies | Probation & Parole

The Most Advanced Tool for Supporting People With Criminal Records

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  • Review clients' job application details
  • Invite clients to create an Honest Jobs account
Add and Manage Clients
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  • Refer clients to jobs and resources
See Client Details
  • Work Experience
  • Contact Information
  • Education, Skills, and Licenses
  • Resume
  • Detailed Application History
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Search Fair-Chance Jobs
  • Search for relevant jobs for a client
  • View job details, including compatibility with you clients' criminal record
  • View how many people with records eash employer has hired
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Support Beyond Employment
  • Find local resources for clients 
  • Refer clients to programs that can help them with food, housing, transit, health, and more
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