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Launch Your Partnership with Honest Jobs 

Supercharge your team's ability to help clients with criminal records. Our Support Tool includes the nation's largest fair-chance job network, national resource center, and advanced client insights.

Reentry Orgs Non-Profits | Workforce Agencies | Probation | Parole

The Most Advanced Fair-Chance
Employment Support Tool

Finding Quality Jobs

The vast majority of jobs are full-time and direct hire positions (not temp or staffing), most with benefits.


The employers on our site actually hire people with past convictions.

Boosting Confidence

Reducing Wasted Efforts

We keep running tally of verified hires at each employer. 

This helps job seekers see that other people with records are getting hired, and to feel more confident and hopeful. 
We color code search results for compatibility between conviction types and job duties.

This reduces rejection and wasted effort for employers and job seekers.
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  • Review clients' activity (views, applications, last log in)
  • Invite clients to create an Honest Jobs account
Add and Manage Clients
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Get Better Outcomes Faster

  • Access each client's profile
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See Client Details
  • Contact Information
  • Resume
  • Work Experience
  • Education, Skills, and Licenses
  • Detailed Application History
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Search Fair-Chance Jobs
  • Search for relevant jobs for a client
  • See job details, including pay and compatibility with their criminal record
  • See how many people with records Honest Jobs has verified the employer has hired
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Provide Support Beyond Work
  • Find local resources for clients, by zip code
  • Connect clients to programs that can help them with food, housing, transit, health, and more

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