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"What everyone needs right now is just a helping hand rather than being criticized" - Raven

Raven drove 45 minutes to find agencies who would give her a chance of employment. However, once the background check went through, she got rejected. Honest Jobs helped her find stable employment that she loves, where positivity and accepting each other is the core of the company culture. Learn more about Raven's experience in the video below:

Read the full interview with Raven here:

What experience do you have with the criminal justice system?

Raven: “I ended up getting charged with corporal injury to a child, basically spanking. And I just got my conviction in January this year. So this whole entire time I was able to find work without a problem. But then when that happened, it was kind of like, “Okay, now it's going to be way more difficult for me to find a stable job.”

What was your experience looking for jobs before you found Honest Jobs?

Raven: “For about three and a half months, I was like, “I need to find something that's way more consistent. And find something where they understand and they're willing to work with me." I would drive down about 40-45 minutes from where I live to find agencies, more down in that area, like Rancho, Ontario of that nature. And they'll be like, “Okay, you can start tomorrow.” And then the next day or when it went through the background check, then they were like, “Okay, we don't need you.” I'm a good candidate - but that one part, and that's like the hardest thing. I have a good work ethic, but it's just that hindrance.”

What was your experience using Honest Jobs?

Raven: “It was so simple to create my profile. Just like that, upload your resume, a little bit about yourself, and then that was that. So when I was able to go through the job search quickly, easily apply to everything, I started getting feedback pretty quickly. That was very beneficial. At US Rubber, I spoke with HR, I did my pre-interview with her and my walkthrough probably that following week. Then they asked me to basically start that Monday. It was basically like, “Is this legit?” Because it happened so fast.

To have that barrier, I thought, “Okay, now I'm getting rejected”. And I'm not used to that. It played a lot into how you internalize it. And I was thinking, “Oh my God, this is gonna be very difficult.” And it wasn’t difficult for me before. So when I came across Honest Jobs, I was like, “Okay, back to how it used to be for me, I’m getting a response. I'm getting literally phone calls from HR.”

Tell us about your new job!

Raven: “It’s US Rubber Recycling. For now, my pay rate is $17/hr, but they said after 90 days we do get a raise. After 90 days, I also qualify for benefits and I get a uniform. 70% of the staff are felons. Everyone there is just amazing. Everyone there. They take pride in being positive because in a warehouse it could be hostile. But not at all. I've been there for a week and a day or two now. And I'm going to stay here. In this company you can grow and move forward. You have to continuously be willing to change and accept change. Try to make it better for yourself."

Do you have any message for justice-involved job seekers or employers?

Raven: “Basically just keep doing what you're doing. If you have the positivity, just cater that. I mean, we got a lot of stuff going on in the world and people just need to feel safe and comfortable and not feel like the bottom of the barrel. Once you interact with somebody that’s like, “Look, we're here to help you”… That’s the main thing that everyone needs right now is just a helping hand rather than being criticized and ridiculed. If the website is designed to help people, who've already been through things or need some type of consistency, then it’s doing its job. Everyone who is part of it needs to be on the same page of what the goal is. As long as that doesn't change, then I think it'll be great.”



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