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Connecticut Supermax Prison Closing Due to Declining Prison Population

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

“Northern Correctional Institute is a relic of the dark and barbaric ‘tough-on-crime era’ that was literally built to feel like the walls were caving in. It stood in contrast to all the progress we have made in this state to be ‘smart on crime’ and invest in rehabilitation and reentry.” - Representative Steve Stafstrom

The Northern Correctional Institution, a supermax prison in Connecticut, will close this summer due to its lowest prison population in 32 years.

The number of incarcerated individuals has dropped by over 3,000 in the last 10 months and hasn't exceeded over 100 inmates since last July. The recent average of people incarcerated per day is down almost 110% over the last three years (from 239 to just 71). Closing this facility will save the state over $12.6 million and won't result in any layoffs.

Connecticut's prison population now stands at 9,038 people compared to its peak of 19,894 in February of 2008.

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