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Check Out Honest Jobs's New Look with Updated Features!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The new website look for Honest Jobs.

We are very excited to announce that the Honest Jobs website has a new look and updated features! We hope the new design creates an even better experience for job seekers, employers, and partners. Here are things you can expect when visiting our site:

1. New Look

We created a more appealing and user-friendly design, which reflects our modern, scalable approach to fair-chance hiring. We believe this change will elevate our brand and provide an improved experience for everyone visiting our site.

2. Easier Navigation

We made it easier to move around the site and zero in on content relevant to each user. In particular, we put effort into improving the mobile interface, since that's how users most often engage with our site.

3. More Information

We made more information readily accessible for job seekers, employers, and partners. For each of those groups, the landing page includes answers to FAQs, calls to action, and links to resources.

Check out our new website here:

We hope you enjoy the new experience!

The Honest Jobs Team



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