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Honest Jobs is the nation's largest fair-chance employment hub. Our platform easily connects justice-involved job seekers with employers open to hiring people with criminal records. Alliances with probation, parole, and community organizations help Honest Jobs reach job seekers across the United States, so they can secure better jobs faster.

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White Label

Honest Jobs can developed customized versions of our platform for partners wishing to offer their own fair-chance job boards. This "White Label" website allows job seekers to view and apply for jobs from our network of over 1,000 fair-chance employers across the U.S. 

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Job Seeker Success Stories

Honest jobs is fast. They're genuine with their help and any issues that you bring up with them, they are going to try and help you no matter what.

I was two months without a job. I applied on the Honest Jobs platform two days before receiving an offer from my current employer.

I’m just very appreciative of the opportunity that you guys gave me. I am going to make sure that this opportunity is not missed. In the job force, everybody needs to be able to provide for themselves. And everybody deserves a second chance, no matter what.

Christopher B.

Found Employment

Through Honest Jobs

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Erin D.

Found Employment

Through Honest Jobs

Deante L.

Found Employment

Through Honest Jobs

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