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We can't put a price on the lives that will change, only on the service we provide.

Basic Access

Our service is free to all job seekers - click here to join now!

Employers can also join for free but will be limited to basic features and benefits  - click here to create an employer account.

Premium Access

Meet your hiring needs as well as your justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion goals with access to our full suite of premium features and benefits for $1,000/month flat rate or $10,000 annually. Click here to create an account now.

  • Post unlimited jobs 

  • Hire unlimited candidates

  • Your jobs will show at the top of search results

  • Your jobs listings will be included in our email marketing campaigns 

  • Gain unlimited access to our candidate search feature for recruiting candidates anywhere in the U.S.

Direct Placement + Retention

With our Direct Placement + Retention program you'll get all the benefits of Premium Access plus additional support and a guaranteed retention period.  Our highly trained and fair-chance certified team of recruiters will source candidates on your behalf, making sure that they're a great fit for your company before moving them forward in our process. 

From their first interview, to their first day on the job, we'll be there to support each qualified candidate. We regularly check-in with our placements, offer weekly mentorship calls, and provide access to a full range of wrap-around services to help ensure a smooth transition and retention period.

Cost = Set up + Retainer + 10-20% of annual pay for placements who meet the retention agreement (30, 60, or 90 days).

  • Set Up: Starting at $10,000 and depends on the number people you aim to hire and where the jobs are located.

  • Retainer: Starting at $2,000/month and depends of on the number of recruiters assigned to your account.

  • 10-20% of Annual Pay: This depends of the retention agreement you choose (30, 60, or 90 days).

Direct Placement Wait List

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